Sunday, 20 November 2011

Losing Someone Else's Religion

Four years ago I drove to Chatham to pick up a cast-iron figure of Christ.  Don't ask me why.  I have a thing for religious collectibles.  Somewhere packed in my boxes is a glass Virgin Mary that lights up.

I'm sad to say that Christ has been leaning against various walls and pieces of furniture ever since and more than once I have shouted his name after smacking my toe on him.  So now he is going back on Ebay.  I feel a bit sorry about this, but he's terribly heavy and I'm trying to travel light.

I would not say I have leanings but, growing up in a strongly atheist household, God and all his trimmings have always seemed fascinating.  Particularly the Catholic trimmings which are always wonderfully opulent.  

As a child I flirted with church - not Catholicism, just normal old C of E.  I remember waking my parents to say I was off to church on Sunday.  They thought I sang in the choir because we were paid 1/6d for weddings.  Actually it was because of the blue cassock and huge white collar and singing to an audience.

I still like to sit in churches.  In fact I spent a (truly) divine half hour in St. Salvator's Cathedral in Bruges last year.  My head just seemed to fill with peace.

Rightfully my Christ belongs in a place where he won't get tripped over and someone might look up to him.  Here is a photo of him on my bed, which reminds me of a Madonna song.

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