Monday, 13 August 2012

Mint Condition

As I walked past the printer on the way to the drum of Mentos Dessert Mints, it said Sleep Mode On. 

How could it possibly know?  Is this machine connected to me via some undiscovered USB port?  These mints are like crack.  There are nine wrappers on my desk.  The outside of the mint is gently friable, giving way to a creamy, cavity-filling filling.  Divine.

There has not been a phone call since last Wednesday.  I have read everything in sight.  Well not quite, but the most pertinent things.  I have been through the calendar and emails as if looking for nits, to make sure all is in order.  I know the names of all the board members, their assistants, and possibly their pets.  I have made really cool revision cards of French phrases to use on the phone, all connected with a twisted paperclip.  Ideally I need to learn them, otherwise me answering the phone is going to look like a bad card trick. 

August is bit of a sleepy month here - simply nobody is around.  Later this week the Director is back and hopefully things will pick up soon.  I like it here and am gagging to be busy.  If nothing else it will stop me decimating the mints.

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