Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Body And Soul

Stayed late tonight; tomorrow is Assumption Day where we all get to wag off, and then my boss is back.  So I wanted to make sure everything was as perfect as possible before leaving.  Only to discover then that I was locked in the building.  Clearly nobody works till 6pm in my part of town.  Fortunately a little swearing and trialling keys used for other doors did the trick.  Can you imagine if I'd been stuck at work for the whole of Assumption Day?  There would have been lots of coffee, Mentos Dessert Mints and those little dark mignonette chocolates.  And I would have had to sleep in the board room.  And possibly cry a bit.

According to Wiki, Assumption Day is a major feast day, so I will be mainly eating, tomorrow, and thinking about the Blessed Virgin.  On the way home I stopped by a Delhaize and actually ran into a friend.  This rarely happens, mainly because most of my friends don't live here.  E is a new and lovely, generous person.  Well, new to me anyway, I don't mean she just hatched.  Hopefully we shall meet up in a more diarised way when she's back from hols and not juggling groceries in the longest supermarket queue in Brussels. 

In my inbox is an invitation to a barbeque tonight but there's an awful shyness has me by the guts and I feel unable to go.  Large numbers of unknown people are terrifying.  This is stupid, I realise.

In other news hopefully work are going to order a QWERTY keyboard, so I can stop typing like a spaz.


  1. Lucky you had a key. A fellow writer decided to go to the loo after a writing group broke up. When she'd finished the building was locked and lights were off. Moving about she set off the alarm. It rang for 4 hours non stop before someone came to investigete and let her out. Needless to say- it was the one night she'd left her mobile phone in her car.

  2. I have to say, that terrifies me. One night after French I was convinced I was going to get locked in because I'd gone to the toilet. Never was there a more hurried pee. Security people can be pretty dumb. I cannot believe my work building was locked up by 6. With no warning or anything...