Sunday, 26 August 2012

Come Into My Parlour

I feel like a very still spider in the middle of lots of possible flies at the moment.  Just poised there with all eight legs waiting for a tug of the web.  Which means, of course, that I end up doing nothing because I can't decide which fly looks tastiest.

There are so many things you can do here in Brussels that it would be possible to be out every night of the week, and that's before you even start on the bars, restaurants and men.  These are some of the things currently under consideration:

  •     Samba class (the drums, the drums!)
  •     Salsa class
  •     Bachata class
  •     Zumba class
  •     Joining a choir that does all sacred music and stuff
  •     Auditioning for Calendar Girls (and yes, the play does involve middle-aged nakedness)
  •     Signing up for the next level of French
  •     Joining the Brussels Brontë Group

Having some sort of social programme going on would help to balance life, I think.  I might stop getting the WORK HORROR dreams.  My job is going just fine, but in my sleep IT'S ALL GOING HORRIBLY WRONG.  I get these looped nightmares that convince me of their reality.

Of course, appearing on stage naked would not only uphold an old family tradition (my mother was a Windmill girl) but it would hopefully give me calm, bucolic Dubonnet-ad dreams.


  1. You make me titter. I'd pick the least strenuous of the first four, do the next three and give the last one a wide berth - not sure that would help dispel nightmares. Calendar Girls is a must. You must. Please. You don't really need inspiration for your post but I'd love your take on rehearsals. Axx

  2. haha everyone, EVEN MY DAUGHTER, is saying go for Calendar Girls. What kind of girl do you all think I am? Well yeah.

    I think it would be fun to be involved with even if I don't get a part. The accent is a problem - I'm going to have to keep Scary Spice in my head to get it right.

  3. Calendar girls will be good for your readers. We'll get some great blogs out of it. I don't even know what Bachata is - sounds like a Belgian toasted sandwich. am I close?

  4. Bachata is a latin dance. Sort of the opposite of salsa really.

    This is quite an expert version - I can't do it like this! I've been taught by both these dancers, they are both amazing.

  5. If you do Calendar Girls will you be posting the photos?

  6. I don't think so. Anyway I might not even get a titty part. There are non-titty parts.

  7. Shock! You make me sound like a perv. I was only wondering about the stage design.

  8. I'll happily post pictures of the buns and knitting.