Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Metaphor Is A Glorious Thing*

If you perceive everything in life as being a bit like something else, you run the serious risk of looking a bit of a knob.  However, I can't help it, life comes at me in images; in metaphors.  So, knob it is then.

And whilst one should never, never mix metaphors, maybe it's ok to serve them on the same plate. 

There seem to be three main ones at the moment:

1.  I'm a vessel.  Mrs Szklarek at school would often tell us "empty vessels make most noise".  This vessel is not empty.  Like a magic porridge pot in reverse it is constantly being filled but is never full.  New bits of language, new bits of job, new people, new names, new stuff, new procedures, new everything, seeping in constantly.  I can't really keep on top of it all, so I'm just sculling away somewhere in the middle.

2.  The old tightrope is back.  One would have thought by now that I'd be putting my plates of meat on solid ground but I'm still forty feet up, still walking, no wire.  No wire.  No net.

3.  Until my boss comes back from holiday, I'm the gatekeeper on her email inbox.  So it was with a strange little twinge yesterday I noted that there was an email from The Agency, with my reference from my former boss.  It remains unread.  Momentarily it was like looking across the river Styx into a life I cannot re-enter.  And in that closed world is someone who knew me well.  You see, that was really knobby. 

Anyway.  I'm still working out what I like best about my new job.  One thing is that I'm in charge of all supplies.  I love that. 


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