Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Type Oooh

Just before I left my old job, somebody told me I must have nerves of steel.  I don't know, I couldn't really feel them anyway, they could have been made of rhubarb.  And all the things I've done so far, nothing has made me feel steely.  Until just now.  I applied for a legal secretary job and had to do an online typing test.  No second chances, no rehearsal.  No idea how I did, either.  But that was definitely the scariest thing I've done so far and - yes - nerves of steel.  Or at this time of the morning, nerves of very strong tea.

Off to the bank shortly to arrange the deposit agreement thingy which they do in Belgium, then I take possession of my new flat.  As Beth Gibbons once sang, this is the beginning of forever and ever.

1 comment:

  1. You may have done better than you thought with th typing test...good luck with the job application..and with the flat x