Wednesday, 8 February 2012

And We're Back

The first thing I did last night in my new place was try to make a cup of tea.  Of course.  And tripped the circuit with my English kettle.  Weird, seeing as I've used it here for the last month.  So there goes the Argos Value Range Kettle.  Looks like my Inno voucher will be used on some non-frivolous things after all.  Next thing, of course, was setting up th'Internets.

Or not setting up th'Internets.  I went to bed in quite a strop because I thought I would just be able to plug in and off we go.  This morning has been mainly a mammoth texting session with the very kind previous tenant as he tried to talk me through things I had already attempted.  And then, by some internet miracle, it all just started working about five minutes ago.  Which makes me think the problem was with the ISP and not me.

Have checked out the cellar/communal laundry.  It really was a very good idea taking my wind-up torch down there.  Fortunately I'm not scared of dark murdery places.


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