Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Service III

I have a bed.  No more the Kafka-esque inelegance, rolling about on a mattress trying to get up.  I celebrated one final time before the bed arrived by rolling back and forth several times, almost as far as my shoulders, and then letting impetus roll me to my feet.  Lovely new friend M sold me his bed and put it together for me - I think this technically means he no longer has a bed.  Ah well.

I've been down to the murdery cellar tonight looking for something to put my computer on.  It's a steam-driven clunky affair with a separate tower, which strikes me as a bit unnecessary these days.  There are several large unlocked cupboards down there, full of what my dad would call old tut.  I kind of wanted a desk I saw but there isn't really room up here and I would have done myself a proper mischief getting it up the four flights of stairs.  As if in league with the murderers, the lights went off every time I was halfway between switches, or was in the middle of lifting something.  Have settled for a sub-IKEA smallish shelf unit, which should do the trick.  And I only did myself a partial mischief.

Tomorrow I have to present myself to the police.  This is all part of the treacly process of registering with one's Commune.  I will be retired by the time it's all done.


  1. Just found your post, through Ayak's blog what I've read so far, it all sounds so familiar..... and brilliantly written. I'm looking frward to finding out more about you and the life you have chosen. best wishes... Janice

  2. I also have come to your blog through Ayak. You write so well, I'm hooked.

  3. Hello - I'm a real life friend of Janice (above) and have also found you via Ayak and although I haven't got through all your posts yet - I will. Love how you write. Axxx

  4. Wow thanks. I did wonder what the hell happened today when I logged onto my stat-tracker and saw 175 unique visits - normally it's nearer 50 each day!