Sunday, 12 February 2012

Bed Bug

Oh Whitney, Whitney, Whitney.  I suppose we'll find out shortly what the cause of death was but I would imagine there was misadventure of some sort.  Forget the loss of a star; she leaves a nineteen year old daughter.  That's the real sadness.  That, and the fact that they will probably re-release "I Will Always Love You".

I have rather been fastened to my bed this weekend, trying to shake off this virus, whatever it is.  And half-waiting for this visit from the police, which is routine for new settlers but nevertheless a little unsettling.  They don't say when they will come, so you could have half an eyebrow on or something.

What becomes more obvious the longer I spend in it is that a proper bed is needed.  I have a perfectly nice IKEA mattress here but it's on the damn floor.  At my advanced age, it is impossible to get off a mattress on the floor elegantly.  If you imagine Gregor Samsa after his Metamorphosis trying to roll over in bed, that's fairly close.  I have mastered a sort of two-part movement which can only really be accomplished if no-one is watching.  Fortunately at the moment, no-one is.  Therefore a trip to IKEA for a bed base is vital in the next few weeks.  Or I could just stay here wiggling my legs in the air, waiting for the police.


  1. I totally agree...the real tragedy is the daughter left behind. Actually I get really annoyed when someone famous who has abused drugs, dies and the whole world suddenly glorifies them and sets them up as heroes. It happened recently with Amy Winehouse. I'm afraid I said far too much then on FB and other places and was shouted down. If people use drugs to such an extent they have to suffer the consequences.

    I've kept my mouth shut about Whitney...oops until now...sorry...I'll get off my soapbox now.

    Hope the interview went well today x

  2. I'm not sure what I feel about it. Clearly it's an illness to be an addict, but people choose to start taking those substances and they must know the dangers. I dunno. Maybe when you are a big star you lose a sense of what is sensible.

  3. Yes you are right...addiction is an illness..I think it's just peoples' reaction to the death that gets to me.
    I'll shut up now

  4. I just hate 'that' awful song so much.

  5. Me too! I would personally attempt to resuscitate her, even now, if it could stop them re-releasing it.