Saturday, 11 February 2012

A Bit Poorly

Friday was one of those days.  I had been up several times in the night vomiting Exorcist-style.  After one final hurl for good measure I left the house to go and register at the Commune (Town Hall, sort of).  Delighted that they had their own photo booth, but undelighted that it would not accept my €5 note, I shoved all my change in it, only to find I was 50c short.  And it refused to give me back the money.  My poor French, plus the fact I still felt like vomming on everyone, made it impossible to go and speak to staff about it.  Fortunately a shop next door did photos and the result wasn't bad considering my advanced age, the desire to vom, and the sub-zero temperatures.

It turns out you can't register until the police have been round to check you out, but anyway.  A couple of other things needed to be done across town and then it became obvious this was a gastric flu thing.  Phoned in sick to work and went home to my bed, literally feeling like my body was shutting down, one organ at a time.  I slept, and sweated, and slept, and sweated.  Everything hurt. 

What could have been an utterly rubbish day was perked enormously in the afternoon by a phone call saying I have an interview for the legal sec job with the partners of the law firm on Monday.  You could have have knocked me over, had I not already been in bed.

Today the fever is gone but no appetite as such, and I'm still hurting in various places.  I think I will mainly rest this weekend.


  1. Sounds like a particularly nasty bug...get well soon.
    And well done on getting an interview...good luck x

  2. Thank you. It knocked me out a fair bit I think if I take it easy today I should be fine.