Saturday, 19 January 2013


I am trying to get myself healthy one soup at a time.  Given my tendency to buy vegetables and then leave them in the fridge until they turn to slop, this is a step in the right direction.  I just cook up whatever I've got, blend it and bung in some cheese.

A persistent low-level meh-ness, while not being life-threatening (though not being able to breathe isn't fun), is life-shittening.  And it encourages the over-use of hyphenation.

When my cough finally goes, and at the moment it's hanging around like a fucking stalker, my doctor is going to test for asthma.  I think it's a foregone conclusion that I will be joining the ranks of those permanently with inhalers, which kind of pisses me off.  But breathing is fairly important.  Before this cough, I would get a nasty wheezy thing just from bending down; also spray-cleaning products would conspire to kill me.  Cleaning the shower stall at my old flat, it was a bit like that scene from Psycho, without knives.

Anyway, in an effort to stop being a boring sickly fuck, I went out to see Skyfall last night, realising at some point in the journey that I'd left my purse at home.  Oh well, I had my travel permit and an internet cinema ticket and some Pim's Framboise to nibble.  What more could a girl need?  Well some money for the toilet in the cinema perhaps.  Watching Daniel Craig on a full to bursting bladder is not to be recommended.



  1. It's frustrating having to be an inhaler wielder, but a damned sight less frustrating than not being able to breath. (I seem to have spent 20 years needing steroids for asthma just a couple of months a year, and having a reliever inhaler just in case the rest of the time, and now have progressed to a permanent need for steroids. It's very frustrating. But ... breathing is good. And at least, compared to other problems - the relievers exist. My other chronic condition is depression/anxiety, which doesn't have some nice instant-improving thing like a blue reliever inhaler ...

  2. Do you get any side effects with the steroids. I won't say what mine are (publicly) but they can be somewhat irritating.

    And yes, absolutely about the depression.

    What a pair, eh?