Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bucha (not much) rest!

So, yeah, I went to Bucharest on business yesterday.  And this morning, at dawn's unwashed crack, flew 1000-odd miles back to work.  This will not be a regular occurrence, I should point out.  Most of the time I am tethered to my QWERTY at worky.

The trip itself was rather too quick for me to confect anything worthy of Tripadvisor and to be honest there is something homogeneous, interchangeable even, about the bit that lies between an airport and a city.  By law it must contain an IKEA.  I think this is in an EC Directive.  We stayed in a Novotel which was like Novotels anywhere.  Fortunately our Romanian hosts were charming, hospitable, fun and very informative.  I now know much more about Ceauşescu and Vlad Dracul.

We went for an exceptionally Romanian dinner in something that looked like a dacha but was definitely not Russian, apparently, and I recall talking about Britney Spears on the way back, so I'm guessing the wine was good.

If you have to fly Tarom (and I have to say, my head was haunted by past crashes where the plane always looks to have shed its skin in a forest) I would recommend it.  But don't touch the food.  Lunch on the way out was the most disgusting chicken, overcooked rice and vegetables, and a mini Mars bar.

Good lord, the flight I linked to above was actually the same flight we took coming back.  Well thank goodness I was asleep for most of it.


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  2. Haha, Jane, I only saw this now. So you might have been in a Dacia, but the last design one..no? I hope you enjoyed the dinner and wine and the city, though I would recommend totally other locations. Adina