Thursday, 24 January 2013

Back to the Future

After three weeks of physio by the lovely Laura, and three weeks of my not doing the exercises she carefully drew for me in biro, my back is noticeably better.  It is as if something was hiding screwed up in my spine and under her careful direction it has unfurled.  Anyway, lumbar five is still a bit rubbish, but I'd say it's about 70% improved on three weeks ago.  The rest of it is down to me - if I don't keep it mobile, the muscles and ligaments will all seize up again.  Time to be grown up about this.  It's too expensive to be stupid about it.  Waking up this morning without pain for the first time in a year was quite something.

Not so sure that will happen tomorrow as I had to stand on the train home.  Because it is so rare for these trains to be packed, there is nothing to hang on to.  So for 50km I jammed my hand in the tight upholstered gap between two headrests, sweated like a yak, and hoped for the best.  I was well grumpy by Gent.

This weekend I give back the keys to my old flat.  It's a book I'm happy to close.  Maybe my head will stop itching and scabbing now.  Mm nice.

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