Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Fix You

Chris Martin might attempt to stick Gwyneth back together with Copydex but I had other ideas. 

First of all, getting in the plumber to fix the leak under the sink.  There is an odour here, which I first noticed upon viewing the place, and which is like rotten water and rotten particleboard.  I have tried putting vinegar and bicarbonate of soda down every orifice in the flat (bet Chris Martin didn't try that), followed by kettles of boiling water.  I have wiped out the cupboards with neat vinegar.  I have taken off bottle traps to see if any bottles are trapped.  Nothing.  It must be the leak. 

After work I took my spine to a highly-recommended physio in Brussels.  I think she's pretty good, though time will tell.  She explained that when I came off those zip wires it's possible that stuff (she did say exactly what but I'm no good at bones) sort of slid a bit off kilter and it's aggravated the muscles and ligaments all around.  So basically my entire right hip has been sulking for a year.

We did lots of manipulating things and then she attached me to what felt like a doorbell and left me laying flat for ten minutes, my back buzzing at intervals.  The only problem is, laying on my back makes me not breathe, and I had a rather nasty attack of not breathing, and then considerable coughing that lasted until Gent.

On my return home, excited at the idea of the plumber having been, I was slightly desperated (a word used by a Francophone colleague) that my plumber appears to be Heath Robinson.  There is silver foil and string and a hook.  Sadly the parts of the pipe that are actually fucking leaking remain untouched.

I should really lay on the floor and do my exercises.  Sulky hip demands it.  But no, I think first of all you deserve a photo.


  1. OMG - I am laughing but it's not really that funny for you! Thanks for the photo... I shall never again think you exaggerate slightly for comedic effect. Axx

  2. Not a bit! And this was done by a workman that the owners brought in - as I discovered when I sent the picture to the agents...

  3. Curious. It doesn't make a ticking sound, does it?

  4. difficult to tell, as I have a large clock on the counter