Thursday, 17 May 2012

Going Up

Today is Ascension Thursday.  This means that most of Europe seems to get the day off to celebrate Jesus going up to Heaven.  I have celebrated by getting up late, reading Strait is the Gate by André Gide, and eating oranges.  It is what Jesus would have wanted, I think.

I haven't read Strait is the Gate for some years.  It was a book that was on the curriculum for my French A level and there is something very teenage about it - so much embarrassment, analysis, and excess of feeling.    Unfortunately now I just see Alissa as a somewhat manipulative cow.  Ah, age and wisdom.

It's odd though how in unexpected places you can find little mirrors that reflect your own thoughts.  In the Introduction by Dorothy Bussy, Gide is quoted as saying: 'Even if it leads to honour and glory, I detest following a road already laid out.  I like chance, adventure, the unknown; I like not to be where I am expected to be - for it allows me to be where I please and to be left in peace there.  What I prize above all other things is to be able to think in freedom'. 

The adventure bit has only really happened recently for me, but the rest has always been true.     

Now I'm going to celebrate Ascension further by going to Carrefour.  Not exactly Heaven, but the next best thing.




  1. I hope your Carrefour visit was worthy of an Ascension day celebration.... the only place open near here was a car boot sale, so I celebrated by finding 7 euros worth of bargains.

  2. The joy of living in a city is there is always somewhere open, even on god-bothering jours fériés. Not much, granted, but always a Carrefour. And, I suspect, the many table-dancing clubs down my road.