Friday, 4 May 2012

Doing More Bird

It is, apparently, possible to wake up at 8.11am and still make it to work by just after 9.  Out the house in precisely fifteen minutes, I'm afraid some important morning rituals may have been overlooked.  Never mind, I'm sure there were worse-smelling people than me on the tram.  This sudden-jolt start to the day (known as the OH SHIT method) is not to be recommended.  But until I can make myself go to bed at a reasonable time, it's bound to happen at least once more. 

It's been a week of some frustration.  I'm mindful of the fact that the internet has eyes and ears, so there is little I can safely say.  I'll leave it at this: family members who are not an everyday part of the household, while meaning well, can tighten my jaw, somewhat.  If you'll just pass me that jack, I'll get it open again.

No other job, with the exception perhaps of that programme Bill Oddie used to do, would allow me magical experiences like those of this morning.

The Boy fell asleep very quickly so it was down to me to cater for the assembled birdage.  Crows are incredibly good at catching.  I can lob a crust towards A85 only to have it intercepted mid-air by a numberless crow, who hardly even changes flight course.  They do fight like buggery though.  It's a bit like Top Gun.

Three swans came today (the fourth was lazy and late, and all the bread was gone).  I love having them standing around me, even if A85 does snort and look at me a bit sideways.  I think he knows I could take him one-handed, so he doesn't try anything.  Besides, I'm the Bread Lady.

Later, by the litter-rich lake in the Parc des Sources, we came upon a family of coots.  Quite possibly the cutest (or indeed, cootest) thing I've seen for ages.  The four babies all have orange fluffy heads and weird little stumpy orange fluffy wings.  I sat very quietly for about fifteen minutes just watching them being all cootish and adorable.  I did consider stuffing one in my pocket, but I haven't got a pond.

Sorry, I'm going on about birds again.  Just think of it as bringing my work home with me.

Somebody else's photo - must remember my camera!

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  1. I hate that OH SHIT method of getting up in the morning. Fortunately it's not a problem these days as I have nowhere to go, but it can really mess up your day can't it?
    Those are really lovely little birds x