Sunday, 20 May 2012

Big Game

When I force myself to go out, I really can have quite a splendid time.  I should remember that.  Home may be where the heart is but the rest of me rather likes being out.  Today, having never knowingly before met anyone from Tel Aviv, I met two people from there, completely separately.

Something occurred to me, over a late Thai dinner tonight.  (So late that the word "rapide" was mentioned before we had sat down.  We duly ate rapidement.)  Life is like a computer game.  Or perhaps the reverse.   My limited understanding of computer games is that you go through picking up "energy" to help you at the next level. 

And so it is in life; people achieve qualifications, learn languages, do internships, etc, to pop them up a level.  Which makes me wonder what the fuck I've been doing all my life.  This weekend my apparently lost O level certificates have turned up in Paris, as these things do.  Nobody has ever asked to see them but you never know.  I was actually on the brink of getting duplicates.

And they - plus my RSA Typewriting Stage One in 1979 - are pretty much the last "energy" things I got.  If life were a computer game I'd be a bit fucked.  Fortunately it's not.

Incidentally, being a bit of a computer game ignoramus, I thought I should google to make sure the premise of this post was correct.  And I came across this:

Can you get pregnant on Sims social and if you can how many times do you have to 'wahoo'?  

Like me, I think some people need to get out more.  




  1. Confession time - I used to love playing The Sims!

  2. I'm not even entirely sure what they are, to be honest.