Friday, 10 May 2013


When there is a public holiday on a Thursday, Friday is effectively cancelled.  I should have remembered this but last time it happened I was within walking distance of work.  I got to the train station this morning and the usual train I take, and the one after, simply weren't there.  Not even afgeschaft, just non-existent.  Friday is the new Sunday.  I looked at the departure board, guppy-faced, then went to Starbucks.  One big cookie and a tall Americano later I got the 8:03 and was only ten minutes late for work.

Pretty much the same story going home.  Big unexplained gaps in the schedule as if everyone just knew and you'd be stupid for asking.  You may have heard that there was a massive chemical spillage near Wetteren (No I'm FINE really, thanks for ASKING.  Actually it was a good few kilometres away) so fortunately the stopping train avoided several stations.  However not being on the fast train meant I got to see an awful lot of chickens.  And painfully neat vegetable patches.  I suppose there's nothing else to do out there.  They don't even seem to have pubs.  To continue with the bird theme a pigeon was happily pecking at some chip sick at the tram stop.  You see all of life here.  Someone must have been celebrating the Ascension pretty damn hard.


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