Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Comfort of Strangers II

Barely human, on the loo pre-dawn
hearing the incidental theme of a movie
where the protagonist is the perp.
Someone’s fucking alarm on snooze,
the someone who lows with ecstasy
on Saturday mornings probably.

The giddy 08:00 tap dance staircase
of lawyers and MEP assistants
crashing the cracked frost glass 
wrought iron front door so stroppily,
is balm to me.
                       Voices cable-knit
on the stairs, purling laughter.

Disclaimer:  these are not my stairs.  I have stair envy.


  1. 2nd day running, I've loved the last line....this conjures up great images...and the photo is perfect !

  2. haha maybe I should just stick all my last lines together :o)

    Is it really sad that I have the guinea pig on my desk at work?

    1. No, s/he needs to be carefully observed in case s/he goes walkabout again.

  3. Excellent stuff - I agree with Janice, the last line is a 'pearler'.