Monday, 10 September 2012

Mary Poppins Redux

Tonight I did a little emergency pick up for my old family, in a very literal sense.  H is now at school, so I collected her from the garderie.  She was so exhausted she sprang up into my arms, as I was simultaneously protesting "I can't carry you!" and fell promptly asleep.  A sleeping 15 kilo child over one and a half kilometres, in the most slippery afternoon heat.  My arms have not stopped shaking yet.  I just kept breathing and telling myself thank goodness you're fit, thank goodness you're fit, thank goodness you're fit...

Baby C, who is barely a baby now, was all delighted and crazy again, doing turnovers backwards off my knees and then carefully enunciating "More".  I had to physically prise her off when I left.  I suspect she would have been quite happy to get in my backpack and come to my house, as long as there was pasta when she got here.

It's way too hot for September, enough now.  I'd like not to have sodden hair roots by the time I get to work, and attractive bubbles of sweat on my cheeks.  Such a good look.  Talking of good looks, my daughter and I were childishly amused by this in Paris at the weekend:


  1. That has just made my day! :-)))))

  2. ..and don't the Chinese lanterns just improve the look ? Great photo...hope the Paris trip provided lots of other raindrops on roses moments. J.