Sunday, 9 September 2012

Silence Is Not Golden

I have worried people; for this I apologise.

This may not have been the best place to write the things I have written, but at the time it seemed like a safe place.  This choice has been challenged - why did I not just write it down for myself at home.  Why did I not just talk to my family. 

Well writing it down just for myself means it is still there orbiting my head and the reality is still true only for me.  As far as discussing it with family goes - how do you bring up this sort of thing, and with whom?  There is no way to slip it into conversation, or to explain what it feels like that I'm reading from a different history.  The communications I have now had with close family members indicate that it is something they want left in the past and not disclosed to anyone.

Anyway, I've contacted a place about talking this through privately.  Silence isn't really an option.

Hopefully we'll be back to me talking inconsequential shit before you know it.


  1. Good to hear, Jane. I've been thinking of you. I'm sure you are wise in your decision. Good luck in working through things and do keep writing - anything you want, just keep writing. Axx

  2. I have a shopping list here, will that do?


  3. I do hope you don't consider your choice to post about past issues here was challenged by any of those who responded to your last posting?
    If so it was certainly not my intention. My only concern was that cathartic though I'm sure it was/is writing your thoughts down here, maybe you were not getting everything you needed to aid resolution.

  4. No, I just don't want to upset those closest to me any more. Although I don't agree with their views on the matter.

  5. I hope the place you have contacted is able to help Jane. I, along with others,( Maud and Annie at the very least ! ) have been thinking about you all weekend, and I was so pleased to see a post from you this morning. My catch all phrase is always..."take care".... usually it sounds as if it is a thoughtless signing off phrase, but I really do mean it today, and I look forward to hearing lots of inconsequential shit as well as your always insightful description of your brave new world. love Janice

  6. I'm pleased you are going to take this further Jane. You're right...silence is never an option, or it shouldn't be. Unless we are able to talk about these things they will forever swim around in our heads, preventing us from moving on.

    I hope this will work for you and will keep you in my thoughts xxx