Thursday, 13 December 2012

On Days Like These

I think it's safe to say today could have gone better.  It's like one crap thing comes along and it stops to pick up its mates on the way.

I overslept by two hours.  That isn't so much an oversleep, as an anaesthetic.  You know you are in really big trouble when the mournful clang of a tram wakes you and it's daylight outside.  So I got to work, very penitent, just after 11.  The day trundled towards its main event - a webinar I'd organised for people in several different countries.  Who logged on and just weren't showing up on the screen.  When you panic, all reason just goes.  Then the massive plant in the meeting room fell over, which was just about the bloody limit.

Within 20 minutes I'd sorted the webinar problem but it took a while for that giddy panic to stop yabbering so I could work out where it had all gone so horribly wrong.  We'd had a trial run last week, but I'd done something subtly different this time and completely FUCKED IT ALL UP.

And then I had to stand the plant up again and clear up the mess.  It falls over occasionally like a drunk.

Scarlett O'Hara said that thing about tomorrow being another day.  Whilst I think that is a tautology, she had a point.  Can we not have another day like this one though?  Thanks.

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