Saturday, 15 December 2012

Mixed Bag

Today was the first day I went properly exploring, although I am slightly impaired at the moment by a commuting injury.

At the risk of boring people who might already have read it on Facebook...Friday morning:  walking along a black tiled walkway next to the station, that was wet and possibly oily from the bus station, and that is bordered on the right by fenced-off building work, I looked up at the board to see that my train was on time.  Unknown to me there was a sloping bit of the walkway - a sort of dropped kerb - that tilted away under the fence.  Very difficult to see given that it was dark and the tile was dark and wet.  On this occasion it took me with it.  I fell extremely hard on my hand, and my foot got stuck under the fence.  Wriggling my foot free from my boot, I clawed up the fence to standing, helped by two very nice ladies; one of whom said she had done that exact same thing,  and the other who rescued my boot from the fence monster.

Anyway, I'm in pain and can't do some things.  I have gel, a cold pack and have ordered a support off the Ebay. Thankfully, given the nature of my work, my typing is unaffected.  I've typed a strong letter to the project managers of the building work.   

Despite being impaired, I have been exploring.  Oh, but this is a wonderful place.  Ten minutes away are some of the most exquisite shops, including an excellent vintage shop, and an English second hand bookshop.  (Is it awful that my first thought on seeing that the owner was himself quite vintage was "Don't die, please don't die!"?  Also, he had a marvellous collection of books, but no Philip K Dick, whom I've decided I'd like to read.  One can hardly walk up to a strange man watching football on his laptop and ask if he has any Dick.) 

My walk home is all along the canal, flanked by ancient buildings.  I mean, bloody hell.  Tonight I was to have gone out but did not, so instead there was a night wander, gawping at the beauty of things like a despised and cursed tourist.  This city continues to unwrap itself before me in such loveliness that it's not quite believable.  On my little square is a massive reindeer made entirely of lights.  He is still lit while I wait in the dark morning for the tram.



  1. What's the connection with blogging and falling over - we all seem to be doing it this year.

  2. Accident aside (ouch), it sounds wonderful.