Sunday, 28 October 2012

Tap 'n' Unwrap

Today I finally got on with months of accreted admin.  The grown-up has crawled back out from under the bed.  From silly little things like writing to the UK Blood Service to tell them I don't live there any more to far, far bigger things like writing to my landlord to give notice.  That is going registered post tomorrow, and is very sobering.

It may seem like a small thing after moving countries but no.  When I gave notice on my flat in the UK I had somewhere lined up to move to, temporarily.  I was also blessed with naivety about the whole thing and it lay ahead like a yet unopened chocolate orange.  Tomorrow I give notice and have nowhere to go; and three months to change that.  It certainly sharpens one's focus.

The other sobering thing today was finally reading my home insurance policy and realising it doesn't cover theft.  Even if it did, the claim would not be valid because the outside and inside doors have no safety locks.  I think this is technically known as a bummer.  My landlord is not the most favourite person right now.

This has been quite a year so far.  It would be nice if I could be in Gent by my anniversary, 4 January.  Let's aim for that.  And then at the end of January is the Festival of Lights.  I'd like to show that to you.


  1. What kind of insurance policy is that? What a load of c**p.

  2. One that insures me against everything except theft, apparently. That's an extra - one which wasn't mentioned when I purchased it. Really should have bloody read it properly. Oh well. As I say it still would have been invalid because of the lack of security. What you might call a lose lose situation.

  3. That really does suck. Well onwards and upwards Jane.

    Incidentally, a Turkish friend of my husband and I, who spends the winter months in Belgium, was chatting on Facebook the other day and someone asked the best place to party. Quite a few people replied, and most of them said Gent. I thought you might be interested :-)

  4. I've heard nothing but good things about Gent. Saturday I'm going to see the most exquisite place in the historic centre, that looks over a canal. I am trying not to be excited.