Monday, 1 October 2012

Suburban Dreams


To IKEA via Jacques Brel; Bizet,
out on the Ring,
a place that never thought of feet.

Trolleys scrumming by the Metro;
shoals of cars
feed on lone pedestrians.

couples have Pinteresque rows
in tousled bedroom sets.

I sweat at the nape,
stuck in meubles de rangement,
trying to remember the word for shelf.


  1. I love "couples have Pinteresque rows / in tousled bedroom sets."

  2. I love a bit of real life Pinter, me.

    I saw Betrayal at the Donmar a few years back. Bloody brilliant, apart from the crap seats.

  3. Knowing the Warrington and the Leeds IKEA only too well, I foolishly thought the Montpelier one would be different. All that was different was that arguing couples drank wine rather than tea with their Swedish meatballs. I've, so far, kept to my resolution never to visit IKEA matter how exotic the location. Great poem by the way ! x

  4. I think IKEA is a totally unifying experience. It is identical everywhere and probably 95% of the population (I may have made that up) has been there. Hell will be like IKEA, you wait and see...(not that I'm saying you will go to HELL).