Friday, 4 October 2013

Shut That Door!

I am sensing a distinct lack of arsedness from the owners of my building.

As you will recall, some burglars attempted entry on Monday in rather spectacular style.  Today is Friday (you can't get anything past me, you know) and the inside front door still hangs off, along with its frame. 

There are several things concerning me, but these are the two greatest:

We have to lock the outside front door.  Our post boxes are inside.  You see where I'm going with this.  The postman doesn't have a key, so we aren't getting our mail.

More worryingly though, at the weekend the carpet shop on the ground floor is open for several hours each day.  The door to the shop is in the wall between the outer and inner front doors to the building.  Normally, the shopkeeper props the outer door open to allow the public easy access her shop.

If she does this, it will give direct access to our flats, because the inner door is not there.

I have emailed the lettings agent about this.  No response.  We aren't actually supposed to contact the owners (some protocol thing like not speaking to the Queen before she speaks to you..?), but today I have, expressing the same concerns.  No response.

The size of the fuck that they don't give is monumental.  We could easily be robbed this weekend because of their unarsedness.  I shall sit at my door with a shovel. 

Must buy shovel.

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