Monday, 30 September 2013

Breaking, Not Entering

I was off sick half of today and, in bed, was repeatedly awoken by the entryphone being buzzed.  Also by its echo, as the entryphones of the other flats were buzzed.  Yes, it seems obvious now, but in a sick and dozy state, it didn't.  At one point it concerned me enough that I was going to call the police and then things went quiet.

A police officer came to see me tonight to see if I'd heard anything.  I mentioned the entryphone buzzing and she said someone had tried to get in.  I've just been down to see what was done.  These guys didn't just bust the lock.  The entire inside front door and door frame have been removed.  How this was done without any noise baffles and scares me.  All the time, I was snuffling around up here thinking "oh it's fine now".  They must have been disturbed at some point because they didn't get any further.

We've all been cavalier about leaving the outside front door unlocked.  It's a pain to be locking and unlocking it all the time and when it's locked the postman can't get in.  It fronts onto a busy and pleasant street, and one felt safe.  One did feel safe.  There was a secure door just inside, within plain view of the street.  One feels terrified now.  I'm not given to superstition or being cursed or shit like that, but it feels like something I'm dragging around with me.  This is the second time since I've been in Belgium, and Gent has a much lower crime rate than Brussels.


  1. I feel for you. There are two (supposedly) secure entry doors here, and no-one heard my apartment door being forced open. I'm so twitched about it that I lock up even to go down for my post now. x

  2. I'm not surprised. After the feeling of invasion wears off it leaves outrage. I'm so angry that people think this is an acceptable way to behave. Last night I slept with my bedroom door locked for the first time. It wouldn't stop them but it would give me enough time to leg it down the fire escape.