Thursday, 29 November 2012

Almost Gentle

Nearly there.  I picked up my keys this morning, all ten of them.  Front front door, my front door, mailbox, cellar door and my cellar.  Times two.

My insurance, apart from covering the normal house stuff, also covers my private life.  How wonderful is that?  If I had know it was possible to ensure one's private life against catastrophe I would have taken out a policy long ago.  I'd be a millionaire.

Then to Gent station for the intercity hurtle to work, where I splashed out on a three month season ticket.  Although the price made me wince a little, it is actually no more than I paid in London just to travel into central London and gives me full access to all Genty buses and trams too.  I get between 70-80% refunded by law.  So it was only a momentary wince.  I apologised to the massive queue.   Well they had to get my picture off my ID card and everything for the railcard.  Took ages.

So we're all but there.  I finally stepped out on the balcony today and realised with a sort of chorus of angels that the hook for the pulley is actually above MY balcony.  So even if it's not needed, at least it's there.  Of course this does mean that I am the Keeper of the Hook.  Am I prepared for this responsibility?

This apartment will provide me, at the age of 50 years and eight months, with my first dishwasher.  I cannot tell you how exciting this is.  I didn't say anything to the owners because they seem quite normal. 

Tomorrow after work I get the new mattress, meet the Man with the Van who will incubate it overnight, and then he returns to fill his van with my goods on Saturday.  I am looking forward to sharing with you my new city.  


  1. as I am looking forward to hearing all about your discoveries.
    best of luck with the final move!

  2. Hurrah, also, dishwashers are great.

  3. It's my first time in 22 years without a dishwasher and I miss it tremendously - yes, even living humbly on my own I would like one. I will live vicariously through you not having to don the Marigolds.

  4. Keeper of the hook, owner of the dishwasher.....this all sounds great. I'm looking forward to hearing that I'm back, following surgery, about to start chemo, but feeling so so positive. Our lives are on the up Jane... Enjoy ! Janice x