Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Dog With No Nose

The medium of blogging was invented for one reason: to have a bloody good moan.  Sometimes this bloody good moan is wrapped in polemic, but most often it's just a mis-spelled wine. 

My body and the spirit which adheres to it, are all to cock.  I've got the lungs working admirably and feel like I'm breathing down to Antarctica now.  But I'm tired, miserable, nauseous, headachey, and have no sense of smell.  Looking online (Always a mistake.  It says here you can die of a bad hair cut.) it appears that both my inhaler and my nose spray thing can have the side effect of anosmia.  I've always had one of those irritatingly acute senses of smell.  Now I can smell nothing.  I was in LUSH the other day.  Nothing.  Which of course means taste is also impaired. (Shopping in LUSH is not an indicator of taste or lack thereof.)

This is a buggery fuck.  What to do.  I like both breathing and smelling but I suppose if there's a choice it has to be breathing. 

It's causing me to look more holistically (shut up, I have not become a hippy) at things.  There are foods that help heal asthma and eczema (oh yes, the eczema on my head is driving me nuts) and I have made at least a token gesture by eating shitloads of fruit.  Yes, I know it has sugar in it but, trust me, it's better than what I was eating.

So if I eat better, I may not have to use the medication so much.  And I may get to smell things again.  Some websites are extremly helpful.  One says:

Changes in the sense of smell may also have other possible causes:
  • If you smell smoke, something may be on fire
So there you go.  And I promise to stop using brackets.  (It is probably another side effect of my medication).


  1. Very helpful. They might have added 'Put it out before your house burns down', just to make sure.

    And "If it smells like teen spirit.."

  2. I saw and heard (but didn't smell) a chap on a motorcycle playing Smells Like Teen Spirit very loud the other day. Not playing as in guitar - that would probably be illegal if not difficult. I'm not sure where his speakers were though.