Monday, 3 June 2013

Turkey Trot

One might be tempted to think that I had started civil unrest in Turkey, just to get out of going there.  Fantastic as my organisational skills are, they don't quite run to that.  And so, following a conversation with one of our people there (who was actually in the park) and whilst keeping a cautious watch on the FCO website for possible advice not to travel, we are still going.

It feels at the moment as if I am setting up an arrangement of dominos in a Fibonacci spiral and at some point will gently flick the first one and watch them all fall neatly where I wish.  Either that or it will be a complete eff up of the highest order.  Barring natural disasters, terrorist attacks and very uncivil civil unrest, things should go off vaguely as planned.

I look forward most of all to the final night, which is a little voyage on the Bosphorus, where my newly Ebayed frock will flutter in the breeze and I will think "Thank fuck for that" and mount the bow of the boat like Kate Winslet.


  1. Actually I feel I should correct myself. It should say "very uncivilly-treated civil unrest".

  2. You'll be fine. just don't join in any of the demos. Alternatively, when you arrive at Ataturk airport, disappear, grab a domestic flight down to Bodrum and spend a few days in this village which is completely oblivious to what's going on in the rest of the country (Just tell your bosses you got lost in the airport :-)

    Seriously...the Bosphorus trip will be a lovely end to the trip...enjoy xx